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The Funds Allotment Council: One of Three Fee Based Orgs
The Council is diverse in what it offers its members, organizations, and campus as a whole.

The Funds Allotment Council is one of three fee based organizations that is responsible for granting money to student organizations that wish to host events on campus. The Council’s goal is to fund many diverse events on campus that will draw a large number of students. The council is made up of a voting body and affiliate members who have no voting privileges. Some positions are elected by the students during general elections, while other positions are filled by appointment. Money is granted to organizations that show a significant amount of planning and a high probability of putting on a successful event. Throughout the semester, a funded organization will work closely with a member of the Council in order to ensure that granted money is used wisely and in a timely manner. The most important things to remember are that the event must be on campus, open to all students, and cannot be used as a fundraiser for your organization! In order to be considered for funding, your organization must have been chartered for one full semester prior to the semester in which you are requesting funding. If you are unsure about this, please stop by the Center for Student Involvement and double-check. The Funds Allotment Council is responsible for granting money to both student organizations and inter-collegiate athletic organizations, so both types of organizations should apply for funding through the Council.

  • Percent of groups who apply get funded

  • Percent of groups receive a personal liaison to help them through the funding process

The Council

Meet our Council

Katia Pallais


Elise Sherman

Vice President

Megan Zindel


Tyler Ludwig


Cameron Nevills

Student Representative

Kristen Schepker

Publicity Chair

Korbin Keller

Regulations Chair

Anna Wang


Matt Denno

ICA Chair

Damon Pee