October 21, 2020

Application Info

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Funding Applications

FAC funds two different types of organizations: FAC and ICA. FAC groups are defined as student organizations wanted to host an event on campus for the benefit of the student body. Some examples of FAC groups that have been previously funded by FAC include Sigma Delta Pi, American Chemical Society, and University Swingers. ICA Group refers to Inter-Collegiate Activities Groups, which are sports groups that normally travel to other locations to have Inter-Collegiate competitions, performances, and/or exhibitions. Commonly funded ICA groups include TSUnami, the Equestrian Team, and Men’s Club Soccer FAC funds are split between these two types of organizations, with between 30% and 55% of total available funds from each semester required to be allotted to ICA groups.

It’s important that your organization fills out the correct application when applying for FAC funding. If your organization has any questions about filling out an application, please email the FAC account or stop by the FAC office in the SUB 1109A.

***Applications are due no later than Midnight November 1st! LATE applications will not be accepted***