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The Funds Allotment Council office is on the lower level of the Student Union Building, located in the hallway past the mailboxes. Members of the Council work scheduled office hours every week, which is a good time to drop by and inform your Council liaison of the progress of your group’s activity. Office hours for each liaison are posted on the FAC office door.

Phone: (660)785-7674


Chair: Katia Pallais

Vice Chair: Elise Sherman

Treasurer: Megan Zindel

Regulations: Korbin Keller

Secretary: Tyler Ludwig

ICA Chair: Matt Denno

Historian: Anna Wang

Student Rep: Cameron Nevills

Publicity: Kristen Schepker


Abbie Dorsam

Allee Marshall

Brandon Bethel

Carson Bowman

Dakota Heer

Derin Adesida

Hunter Lambert

Maria Palumbo

Rachel Hanson

Sarah Connolly

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